Steve Ashwell

Hi! Let me introduce us.

Ok, my name is Steve Ashwell; I’m 35 years old British, and I work as a digital specialist to mediate digital marketing and technologies. I spend a lot of time making things working. That’s why I’m fascinated with gambling. First, it’s fun and easy; second, it implements marvellous engaging techniques. As you can see, it mixes business with pleasure.

I have a soft spot for any analytics, and my job is partly about engineering and evaluation stuff. That’s why I and my team made that site. Here we collect all knowledge about that industry, our experience and our learnings.

Why do I like gambling?

Firstly, gambling is exciting, rewarding and fun. But it also interests us professionally.

Gambling opens a wide field for analysis: I have to count cards or remember the probabilities of combinations. For example, betting on sports is impossible without analysing the results and the form of the teams. Analysing data and working out a strategy helps you win more often. And modern data processing technology makes this process easier.

I and my team play a lot of different gambling games and are keen to try new variations. Their rules are slightly different, and this has a significant impact on the gameplay. You have to develop new strategies to win.

During the time we have been gambling, we have gathered a lot of experience regarding the business’s intricacies. We want to share this on my website: which casinos and games to choose, what strategies to use, how to use bonuses and promo codes.

Changes and legislation

With our years of gaming experience, we’ve seen that the industry is continually changing – there’s always something for thinking. As in any field, maximum knowledge helps to choose the most informed and profitable decision.

Today, gambling in the UK and elsewhere faces severe pressure from the authorities. The government is keen to ensure the safety of citizens, but not all measures are suitable. Gambling has been around for thousands of years because it satisfies human needs: excitement, risk, an expectation of rewards and rewards in money. Simple prohibition only makes things worse; people go to gamble in dangerous and unprotected places.

That is why special care is required in regulating this industry. Our task is to reveal the slightest nuances in the gambling industry so that people are informed. So that people choose safe gambling sites. More knowledge means more success.


❓What is your favourite game?

My people have different tastes. As for me, I advise everyone to play blackjack or poker. I like these two games best. Blackjack has simple rules that are easy to remember. It also allows you to develop a straightforward strategy that leads to success. Poker is interesting because it gives you a huge opportunity to do the math and learn psychology. It’s a game that allows you to win using only your intellect.

❓What is the most profitable strategy?

There is no single ideal strategy. It not only depends on the nature of the game but also on the personality of the individual. Some people prefer to play fast and risky, and there are fans of the slow game with minimal risk. To find your strategy, we recommend playing free demo games. You’ll be able to try any tactics, and it won’t cost you a penny.