Dr. Garry Gelade

Consultant in Sports Analytics and Research

Dr. Garry Gelade was a data scientist and consultant in sports analytics. He was an avid football follower and had been writing about various football topics for several years.

His main area of interest was the impact of new technologies on the game of football. He studied how big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality were changing, how we view the sport and how we could use them to help teams make better game decisions. Though Garry Gelade’s main specialty was football, he was always ready to analyze other sports and gambling options based on his decent football knowledge.

Garry Gelade was a football fanatic who loved the game and was always keen to share his insights with others. But what is more important, he was a manager of the analytical company that helped big sports companies and English affiliate brand – Non Gamstop Casinos. That is why the team of Non Gamstop Casinos values his impact on the website. Our online platform helps customers find the sports betting not on GamStop or casino site not registered with Gamstop and best suited to their needs by comparing multiple options based on their criteria. Dr. Gelade assisted us with his predictions, football and betting knowledge. His help was very valuable to us and our readers.

Dr. Garry Gelade

Analytics for the brand NonGamstopCasinos.net

Dr. Gelade together with his team developed certain analytical systems on casinos’ and betting sites’ analysis specifically for our brand – Non Gamstop Casinos. Our project is still using his methods and analytical systems, and his team is continuing to help us with brands’ due diligence to complete the process deeply and properly. For instance, we are using a special method for calculating betting odds to offer only the best ones for sports betting. Also, the non Gamstop casinos on our top list are researched in terms of provably fair games, instant and fair winnings, and bonuses that are fully paid under certain circumstances.

Dr. Garry Gelade also made a big impact on our knowledge section, because he managed to implement most of his betting knowledge into our guides to help bettors not only to see bonuses and possible winnings but how odds work, what the best strategies for betting and gambling are, etc.

The biggest thought of Dr. Gelade was that the analysis of a team’s recent performance is based on their results in competitions and against opponents. If a team has lost or drawn their last few games, their overall performance will be poor. The analysis of a team’s current form is based on the number of points they have scored in recent matches and how many goals they have conceded.

There was another strategy that he considered very good: football predictions were also made by looking at a team’s form over the last few months. If a team has recently won most of its matches, it will be predicted to win again with high confidence by an experienced football prediction expert.

Dr. Gelade was good at statistics and could tell you everything you wanted to know about any sport or game you wanted to play. Dr. Garry was always willing to teach us anything we wanted to learn, whether it was basketball, or cricket, or baseball, or football.

The trick is that betting statistics can be used for casinos as well. For example, bingo is considered a game of chance – most people say that there are no strategies or information about the game that could help you win. Dr. Gelade had different thoughts – each game – bingo, poker or dice, has specific strategies that, sometimes, only “statistically thinking” people may understand and implement. These same strategies or at least the knowledge that can help gamblers to catch these strategies were given in our informative guides that were written with the help of Garry Gelade.

The most important thing is that our team took that knowledge from Dr. Gelade to successfully implement his thoughts, statistics and strategies into further due diligence, reviews and guides. His deep expertise is still helping our brand – Non Gamstop Casinos to perform quality reviews and offer the best ratings and lists for you.


We have worked closely with Dr. Garry Gelade and Business Analytic now since early 2008. Dr. Gelade has been instrumental in assisting us in pioneering the use of high-level data analysis and quantitative assessment in our quest to reduce the risk of player recruitment issues in what now is a global market. Through his work we have been able to create innovative and powerful insights into the role-specific players have on the impact of results in major European and Champions League matches. With this insight to the fore we now feel we have a significant advantage over our major competitors in the race to identify and quantify the value of the world’s elite players.
Mike Forde Mike Forde, Performance Director, Chelsea Football Club
Garry is a gifted researcher who brings a rare degree of insight and innovation to statistical analysis. I worked with Garry when he was on a contract arrangement at International Survey Research and we have hired Garry to do some research work at Mercer. In addition to being highly skilled in research design and statistical analysis, Garry also has a very approachable and clear communication style; in both the written and spoken word.
Dr. Patrick Gilbert Dr. Patrick Gilbert, Mercer Human resource Consulting
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