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Anjouan Gaming Licence

Anjouan Gaming Licence

Anjouan Gaming Licence is a trending licensing system for various gambling platforms such as online casinos and betting shops. It legally belongs to the island of Anjouan, and offers its licence on very lovely conditions for companies, which will surely be a good competition to other popular gambling regulators such as Curacao eGaming and Malta Gaming Authority.

What do “nice conditions” for companies combine in this concept?

First and foremost is the possibility of quickly obtaining a gaming licence, which attracts companies and investors looking to jump quickly into the ever-growing gambling market.

Secondly, this licence applies to all types of activities at once – betting, casino, poker, bingo, crash gambling games like Aviator, and others.

All this combined with its low price (relative to its competitors) makes it incredibly attractive, and, likely, we will soon be seeing a rapid growth of gambling platforms operating under the jurisdiction of the Anjouan licence.

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The Cost Of Obtaining An Anjouan Gaming Licence

The cost of obtaining an Anjouan licence is not officially advertised, and each company will be offered a unique offer for even the most modest budgets.

However, according to open sources, the cost of obtaining an Anjouan licence is around €17.500. 

The price already includes both the price of the licence and all associated costs, which are shown in the table below:

Ongoing annual costs and pricesCosts and fees
Annual Anjouan Gaming License fees13.300
Annual Key Person Authorization fee (per Key Person).2.000
Annual compliance and due diligence fees (up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs)
Required as part of ongoing Corporate Governance, License application1.700
Total Annual Maintenance Costs17.000
Additional services (optional)0
Establishing a Company in various jurisdictions to serve as a License Holder including first year’s registered agent & office fee, and government2.150
2st-year costs2.150
Establishing a Payment Agent Company in Cyprus including first years, local secretary fees, registered office fees, and government fees. (Typically used for Payment accounts)4.700
Annual Nominee Director Service5.000
Annual Nominee Shareholder Service4.000
Additional due diligence fees500

We have already mentioned the high speed of obtaining this licence, and indeed – this period is only a few weeks. Additional costs are added to the cost of the licence, such as authorisation of employees.

To ensure proper compliance with the licence requirements and management of the gambling platform, the price also reflects the relevant fees, which include up to 4 directors/shareholders/UBOs

Advantages of Anjouan Gaming License

Our readers are probably not the first day in the world of gambling, but still, not everyone has heard about this licence, unlike the more popular jurisdictions like Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man and others.

But given the recent changes in Curacao’s licensing, more and more operators are paying attention to Anjouan and are interested in getting it, and for good reason. Here are its key advantages:

  • Affordable price (in comparison to its competitors)
  • One licence for all services – slots, betting, poker, bingo, lottery, crash games and others
  • Easy to get – in just 2-3 weeks
  • World recognizable – no problems with laws, payment methods and other points of interaction with other entities
  • Player trust – your customers will be confident that you are a reliable service provider
  • Reputation – the licence has high requirements and will indicate a high-quality platform
  • Lower tax rate – more profit
  • Security – any information related to your platform will be safe, such as personal info about your players
  • Support – The Anjouan Gaming Authority offers a full range of support aimed at both the company and its customers

Anjouan Gaming License-Restricted Countries

Are there any countries that restrict access to online casinos and betting sites licensed by the Anjouan Gaming Authority?

Companies holding this licence are not allowed to accept players from:

  • USA
  • France
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Curacao

However, this doesn’t mean the company is obliged to “strictly” monitor its audience – players will still be able to access from neutral countries or use a VPN to bypass the restriction.

The standard procedures for the company remain KYC, AML and CFT, which are applied to every company by any other licence.

However, according to the licence terms, some countries must still be blocked by using GEO IP. This includes:

  • Austria
  • Belize
  • Comoros
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Statia
  • St. Martin
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • As well as all countries blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

From this, we conclude that online casinos that could potentially receive massive gaming traffic from the UK in the form of casinos not on Gamstop can not do so officially.

However, as we mentioned, a VPN can be used to bypass Gamstop in this particular case.

Requirements To Obtain An Anjouan Gambling Licence

The requirements for companies to obtain a licence are quite simple and the list of required documents is quite short. Some companies offer assistance in obtaining an Anjouan licence, which makes the process of becoming a licensed gambling business even easier.

We won’t list everything, but here are some of the documents required of Anjouan licence applicants:

  • A certified copy of a valid passport
  • Police Clearance Certificate 
  • Proof of domain ownership
  • Details of Content including copy(ies) of agreements and/or 3rd party RNG testing certificates and RTP (if applicable)
  • Copies of Terms & Conditions which must include underage gaming policy, responsible gaming policies, and player KYC policy.

Also, companies must follow the 2005 Online Gaming Act. They have to make sure they aren’t promoting gambling to minors and should take steps to help players who might be at risk of becoming addicts.

Companies also have to make regular reports about their finances and operations to the Gaming Board. They can’t allow cash transactions linked to accounts.

To prevent illegal activities like money laundering, companies need to keep detailed records and report anything suspicious. A high-ranking employee should be in charge of this.

If there are any big changes in company ownership or problems like a revoked license from another country, the Gaming Board needs to be told quickly.

Finally, if the annual fee isn’t paid on time, the license can be suspended.


To sum it up, the Anjouan Gaming License could soon become a serious competitor to the Curacao license, which could force it to reconsider its updated licensing policy to retain market share.

After all, there are quite a lot of companies who want and are already receiving this license, and in total, it is no different from others – Anjouan also provides a high-quality and reliable service both for the companies themselves and for the players, recognized by all jurisdictions and payment services, and so on. 

And given the low price and related service, we may soon see huge changes in the licensing market for online casinos and bookmakers.


What is Anjouan Gaming License?

This is a gambling licence issued by a regulator located on the autonomous island of Anjouan, part of the Union of the Comoros.

How much does it cost to get an Anjouan License?

The approximate cost of obtaining an Anjouan license is 17,500 euros

Is it easy to obtain an Anjouan Gaming License?

Yes, the process of obtaining this license is very simple and requires a minimum package of documents from the applicant company.

In what terms you can obtain an Anjouan Licence?

The process of obtaining a license takes only about 2-3 weeks.

Is Anjouan Gaming License reputable and recognizable?

Yes, this license is known all over the world, is recognized by all jurisdictions and payment systems, and is also a severe competitor to the Curacao Gaming Authority.

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