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How To Block Gambling Sites for Free in the UK

How To Block Gambling Sites for Free in the UK

The digital age has paved the way for a growing online gambling industry in the UK. While online gambling may seem like harmless fun for some, it can be a slippery slope leading to addiction for others. If you’ve found yourself caught on this web, remember that you’re not alone. The first step to stop gambling is to acknowledge the problem, and by reading this article, you’re already making progress. In the upcoming sections, we’ll discuss how to stop gambling online, with specific steps to block gambling sites on your phone and PC.

Types of Blocking Software

Speaking of gambling blocking software, these can be categorised into two types: Gambling-specific blockers and general website blockers.

  • Gambling-specific blockers are tailored to specifically target and restrict access to gambling websites. This software is equipped with features that keep a constant tab on the digital sphere, identifying and blocking new gambling sites as they crop up. They provide a comprehensive shield, keeping you safe from the ever-expanding galaxy of online gambling.
  • General website blockers, contrastingly, provide a more universal solution. They allow you to block access to any website, providing a more flexible and customised approach. However, it’s worth noting that you’ll need to manually input specific gambling sites for blocking. They might not provide as robust protection against gambling sites as their specialised counterparts, but they are a handy tool in your digital armoury.

Best Gambling Blockers and Self-Exclusion Services

Various services and applications have been developed to help you achieve your goal of online gambling self-exclusion. These tools act as your digital guardians, helping you stop online gambling by blocking access to gambling platforms.


As a leading gambling stop service in the UK, Gamstop provides a comprehensive solution for those seeking how to block gambling sites. Registering with Gamstop gives you the power to block yourself from all online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain. But there are ways around Gamstop. It’s akin to placing a digital lock on countless gambling doors, significantly aiding your journey to stop gambling.


If you are grappling with the question of how to block gambling sites across multiple devices, Gamban might be your solution. This gambling blocker can be installed on up to 15 mobile devices, tablets, and computers. With Gamban, you effectively erect a digital fortress around your devices, shielding them from the onslaught of online gambling platforms.


While blocking gambling sites forms the crux of your anti-gambling strategy, it’s equally important to consider psychological and emotional support. That’s where Gamcare comes into play. Beyond acting as a gambling site blocker, Gamcare provides an empathetic community and counselling services to help you navigate the complexities of gambling addiction


Betblocker is a free app that allows you to restrict your access to over 6400 gambling websites. It’s an effective tool to stop gambling, allowing you to enforce your own gambling block. In our article, you can learn how Betblocker works.


Netnanny, while not free, offers a comprehensive solution for blocking inappropriate content, including gambling sites. It’s particularly useful if you’re looking to enforce broader controls on your devices.


Betfilter has been specifically designed to block betting sites. This software, however, is not free but has a proven track record of helping people stop gambling.

How to Block Gambling Sites on iPhone

There are numerous ways to block gambling sites on your iPhone, effectively making it a tool for your recovery rather than a temptation.

As mentioned earlier, apps such as Gamban, NetNanny, and Betblocker are all effective tools that can help you in this mission. Each of these apps is designed to block gambling sites and apps on your iPhone, effectively building a digital fortress around your device. Remember, the goal isn’t to make your phone a source of restriction, but a source of support.

In addition, iPhones come equipped with built-in features that can assist you in your journey. The ‘Screen Time‘ feature allows you to limit access to specific sites, acting as a parental control tool of sorts. With this feature, you can schedule downtime, set time limits for specific apps and websites, and even block certain sites altogether. It’s like having a personal digital coach, constantly nudging you in the right direction.

Free Gambling Blockers for iPhone and Android

If you’re looking for free solutions, we’ve got you covered. Free gambling blockers are available for both iPhone and Android devices, offering comprehensive features to block access to gambling sites and apps.

Betblocker and Gamstop are two strong contenders in this category. These offer free and robust blocking services, providing you with a secure digital environment. Betblocker even offers a parental control feature, allowing you to block not only gambling sites but also other harmful content. Gamstop, on the other hand, provides broader coverage, blocking your access to any UK-based online gambling sites and apps. Essentially, they are the guardians of your digital world, ensuring you stay clear of the gambling labyrinth.

Block Gambling on Your Bank Account

Financial institutions in the UK have been increasingly supportive of their customers’ quests to manage their gambling habits. Certain banks like Barclays, HSBC, and Starling Bank have made it possible for customers to block transactions to gambling sites.

Implemented through the bank’s mobile app, you can turn the gambling restrictions on or off. In practice, this means your bank becomes an ally in your battle against gambling addiction, stepping in to halt any transactions to gambling sites, and making the process of gambling online significantly more difficult. Imagine having a wise financial advisor always by your side, guiding your financial decisions and saving you from impulsive actions.

How to Ban Yourself from Gambling on Your PC

Your computer, similar to your phone, can often be a portal to gambling sites. There are several ways to turn your PC into a safe space, free from the reach of gambling sites. To ban yourself from such sites, you can turn to a mix of gambling-specific software like Gamban or use general website blockers.

Browser settings offer another layer of protection. For instance, on Google Chrome, extensions like BlockSite or StayFocusd can restrict access to certain sites. Installing these extensions is like appointing a vigilant sentinel that guards the gates of your digital world, turning away any unwelcome gambling sites.

Another powerful yet often overlooked method is router-based blocks. By logging into your router settings and setting up a block on the URLs for the gambling sites, you can prevent access to these sites on any device connected to your home network. This isn’t just a shield; it’s more like a fortress, preventing access to gambling sites from all ends.

Other Ways to Self-exclude Yourself from Gambling

Beyond digital blockers and financial restrictions, there are other ways you can self-exclude from gambling. 

For one, consider joining support groups. These groups can provide a sense of community, help you share your struggles, and learn from others going through the same journey.

Seeking professional help is another powerful step. Therapists and counsellors can equip you with strategies and coping mechanisms to deal with the urge to gamble. Consider this as having a guide on your journey, helping you navigate through the challenges and keeping you on the path to recovery.

Lastly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also contribute significantly towards reducing the urge to gamble. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, good sleep hygiene, and mindfulness practices can all help in creating a healthier mental space, reducing the need for harmful coping mechanisms like gambling. Think of it as setting the foundation for a strong, resilient tower, one that can withstand the pressures and challenges that come your way.


How do I block all gambling sites in the UK?

You can block all gambling sites in the UK by using gambling-specific blocking software such as Gamban or Gamstop. You can also configure general blocking software to restrict access to gambling sites.

What is the best app to block gambling?

Gamban and Gamstop are widely regarded as effective for blocking gambling sites, while Betblocker is a free app offering similar services.

How do I permanently block gambling sites?

Permanent blocking can be achieved using blocking software like Gamban or Betblocker. You can also utilise the self-exclusion service provided by Gamstop, which prevents you from accessing all licensed online gambling companies in Great Britain.

Can I block my card from gambling sites?

Yes, many banks now provide services that allow you to block gambling transactions. Reach out to your bank to enquire about these services.

Is there an app to limit gambling?

Yes, apps like Gamban, Gamstop, and Betblocker can help limit access to gambling sites. These apps work by blocking access to these sites on your devices.

How do I permanently delete gambling apps?

To permanently delete gambling apps, you can usually uninstall them directly from your device. For more stringent measures, use blocking software to prevent reinstallation or access to these apps in the future.

How do I stop gambling on my iPhone?

To stop gambling on your iPhone, you can use apps such as Gamban or Betblocker to block access to gambling sites. Additionally, you can also use the built-in features of iOS to restrict content, including gambling sites and apps.

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