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How Does GamStop Work

How Does GamStop Work

GamStop is a specially created self-exclusion scheme in Britain that exists to prevent gambling addiction in national players. It is a safeguarding measure that blocks players from accessing UKGC-licensed sites and sets limits on the amount and quantity of betting. Users are free to choose their own time limit for self-exclusion from a choice of three options, which include six months, one year, or five years. 

However, if a player has registered for self-exclusion, there are still casinos not on GamStop, as these operators are licensed outside the UK and are subject to the laws of other jurisdictions. 

How Does It Work for the UK Gamblers

When registering with GamStop, users need to provide as much information about themselves as possible. Using this data, GamStop will block you from logging in or registering with the gambling platform. It is also important to realise that you cannot cancel GamStop, until a period chosen by you has expired.

An important detail to consider is the fact that even if you have registered with GamStop, you will continue to receive marketing material from game sites you have used. If you wish to unsubscribe, you should inform the company that you have decided to self-exclude. You can do this simply by trying to log into your account. The marketing material will then be cancelled. Furthermore, online casinos may also freeze your account or refund your balance.

How to Self-Exclude in Gamstop

If you have made a final decision and wish to self-exclude, you need to go through the registration process on the GamStop website. A feature of this process is that you need to provide as much detailed information as possible. For instance, in the registration form, you need to enter not only your current email address but also those that you have ever used. Other required data includes the following:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Current and previously used phone number
  • Residential address
  • Postcode 

Are you curious how long Gamstop can last? After registration, you are given the right to independently choose the period of self-exclusion. Three options are available:

  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 5 years

Next, you will be asked to answer a few simple questions to verify the data you entered. Once you have completed all these steps, all you have to do is wait about 24 hours for your registration to be activated.


How do I resume playing after registering with GamStop?

You will not be able to place bets at UKGC-licensed online casinos until your self-exclusion period has expired. If you want to resume your betting process, you can use online platforms not registered with GamStop to do so.

How do I know when my self-exclusion period expires?

If you can’t remember when your self-exclusion period expires, you can contact GamStop directly via e-mail to discuss this.

I registered with GamStop a long time ago, but I still receive mailings from the casino. How do I stop it?

Online casinos do not receive notification of your registration with GamStop, as the latter is an independent organisation. In order for the mailing to automatically stop, all you have to do is try to log in to your account on the site where you used to place your bets.

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