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How to play Bingo in the UK

How to play Bingo in the UK

Bingo is a very famous game in the UK that everyone from young to old can learn to play. The secret to success is the simplicity of the game. Of course, children under 18 are not allowed in the gaming halls, but if you are an adult, you’re welcome! You can play bingo either offline or in an online casino, even if you are self-excluded – there are many Bingo not on Gamstop sites, so keep reading to learn this simple game.

Bingo rules

The rules of bingo are simple: the bingo caller will draw and announce numbers one at a time, often using creative callouts or nicknames. Players must mark off the corresponding numbers on their tickets as they are called. The goal is to complete a particular pattern or line before the other players, depending on the type of ticket.

Bingo callouts, also known as bingo nicknames, are funny phrases used by bingo callers when announcing numbers. Some classic calls include:

NumberBingo Callout
1Kelly’s Eye
2One Little Duck
3Cup of Tea
4Knock at the Door
5Man Alive
6Tom Mix
7Lucky Seven
8Garden Gate
9Doctor’s Orders
10Downing Street

Once a player completes the required pattern or line, they must say “Bingo!” to claim their win. Be sure to pay close attention to the numbers called and quickly mark them off on your ticket to increase your chances of winning.

Different ticket types have unique winning patterns:

  1. 90-ball bingo: One line, two lines, or a full house (all three lines)
  2. 75-ball bingo: Various patterns, such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines, or custom shapes
  3. 80-ball bingo: Lines, columns, diagonal lines, or four corners

Once a player completes the required pattern, they must call out “Bingo!” to claim their win.

90-ball bingo in the UK is played with tickets consisting of nine columns and three rows, each row containing five numbers and four blank spaces. The first column contains numbers from 1 to 9:

Bingo first line

The second column contains numbers from 10 to 19 and so on until the last column contains numbers from 80 to 90:

UK Bingo 2 lines

Winning the game is achieved by filling one line, two lines or a full house (all three lines):

Bingo Full House

To win one line, players must mark all five numbers in the horizontal row on their ticket. To win two lines, players must mark all ten numbers in the two horizontal rows. A full house is achieved when all fifteen numbers on the ticket are marked.

One important rule is to be quiet and avoid disrupting other players. This is because any unnecessary noise or conversation can make it difficult to hear the numbers called out by the bingo caller, leading to missed opportunities or mistakes. Being quiet also shows respect for other players, allowing them to focus on the game without interruptions.

Bingo Tickets and Equipment

You need some simple stuff to play this game:

  • Bingo tickets
  • Bingo balls or an electronic random number generator
  • A bingo caller to announce the numbers
  • Markers or daubers to mark off numbers on the tickets

Bingo tickets are essential for playing the game. They consist of a grid with rows and columns, filled with random numbers. The most common ticket types in the UK are:

  • 90-ball bingo: 9 columns and 3 rows, with numbers ranging from 1 to 90
  • 75-ball bingo: 5 columns and 5 rows, with numbers ranging from 1 to 75
  • 80-ball bingo: 4 columns and 4 rows, with numbers ranging from 1 to 80

We hope you have learned the basics of bingo and wish you an enjoyable game! If you would like to find out more or join the community, visit the Bingo Association website.


How to play bingo?

To play bingo, you need to purchase tickets, mark off numbers called by the bingo caller, and complete the required pattern or line before other players. Call out “Bingo!” to claim your win.

How to win in bingo?

Winning in bingo requires luck and attentiveness. Pay close attention to the numbers called and quickly mark them off on your ticket. Complete the required pattern or line before other players to win.

How many numbers in bingo?

The number of unique numbers in bingo depends on the ticket type: 90-ball bingo has 1-90, 75-ball bingo has 1-75, and 80-ball bingo has 1-80.

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