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How to Play Dice?

How to Play Dice?

Dice games, an age-old favourite pastime, carry a legacy that stretches back thousands of years. They’ve sprouted countless versions, from casino favourites to cherished family board games, played around the fireplace during the holiday season. But navigating the myriad of dice games can be perplexing for many due to their sheer diversity. You can find Dice at almost any casino not on Gamstop, and in this article, we’ll tell you all the secrets about this old game.

If you’re seeking a guide to demystify the art of playing dice, you’ve rolled onto the right page. We’ll unfurl the game’s nuances, from the types of dice games to the ins and outs of shooting dice. Prepare to master this timeless game and become the life of your next gathering.

Variety is the Spice of Dice Games

Before embarking on our journey to dice mastery, let’s briefly explore the diverse landscape of dice games. This will give you a greater understanding of the full range of games available.

Dice GameKey RulesUnique Features
10,000Players aim to score 10,000 points. Points are awarded based on specific dice rolls, with six-of-a-kind scoring the highest.Also known as Ten Grand. Prominent in the UK.
YahtzeePlayers roll five dice up to three times per round, aiming for specific combinations. High scores win.Popular casino game also played informally outside casinos.
CrapsPlayers bet on the outcome of one roll, or a series of rolls of two dice.Popular casino game, also played informally outside casinos.
Sic BoPlayers bet on possible outcomes of three dice rolls.An ancient Chinese game, becoming more popular in casinos.
SagradaPlayers use dice rolls to create a stained glass window on a game board.Inspired by the Sagrada Familia building in Barcelona. Introduced in 2017.
MonopolyPlayers roll two dice to move around the board, buying properties and collecting rent.Iconic board game with various themed versions.
BackgammonPlayers roll two dice to move their pieces across the board, with the aim of removing all their pieces first.One of the oldest known board games.
Shooting Dice (Street Craps)Players bet on the outcomes of their dice rolls, which must hit a wall.Informal game often played in casual settings, perfect for larger gatherings.

Beginner’s Choice: 10,000

A perfect entry point into the world of dice games is the aptly named ‘10,000‘. As you may infer from its title, you win by achieving a score of 10,000, or potentially even surpassing it. Points are accumulated based on the outcome of your dice roll, and the game rewards six-of-a-kind most generously.

The Classic: Yahtzee

Yahtzee, a beloved classic, is often the centrepiece of festive gatherings. Players accumulate points based on their dice roll over three rounds, with the ultimate goal of outscoring their competitors.

Casino Favourites: Craps and More

Venturing into a casino, you’ll find many dice-centric table games, the most notable of which is Craps. This popular game also enjoyed as street craps amongst friends outside the casino environment, features prominently in American gaming culture.

Modern Sensation: Sagrada

A relatively newer addition to the dice game family, Sagrada, is inspired by the Sagrada Familia building in Barcelona. Players aim to create a stained glass window, making it an aesthetically pleasing choice for newcomers to dice games.

Timeless Board Games: Monopoly and Backgammon

Board games like Monopoly and Backgammon are universally recognised and beloved, offering their unique twist on the use of dice in gameplay.

Unleashing the Shooter: A Guide to Shooting Dice

Shooting dice, closely related to craps, is an easier variation for beginners to grasp. Also referred to as street craps or street dice, this game revolves around the simple act of rolling two dice against a wall.

Mastering the Shoot

The essence of shooting dice lies in the throw. To shoot, players must aim their dice towards a wall. Starting with basic techniques and familiarising yourself with the rules is crucial before attempting more complex manoeuvres.

Understanding the Rules of Dice

  • The Roll: The act of rolling dice remains consistent across various games. The key is ensuring a sturdy, preferably flat surface for an accurate roll. Keeping within the game’s prescribed boundaries is crucial when playing board games.
  • Taking Turns: In most dice games, players take turns in each round. The order of play can be decided by an initial dice roll or by mutual agreement amongst players.
  • Scoring System: Traditional dice are numbered 1-6, with scoring systems varying across games. Understanding the unique scoring mechanisms of each game is vital to devise a winning strategy.

Terminology in Dice Games

The following terms will help you better understand the game:

  • Snake Eyes: This term is used when a player rolls a two, with one pip showing on each die. This is usually an undesirable roll in most dice games.
  • Boxcars: When a player rolls two sixes, this is referred to as “Boxcars.” It’s an essential roll in games like Craps.
  • Natural: In a game of Craps, rolling a seven or an eleven on the come-out roll is known as a “Natural.” This usually results in a win for the player.
  • Craps: This term refers to the actual game of Craps but is also used to denote a dice roll of two, three, or twelve on the come-out roll. In most cases, this results in a loss for the player.
  • Shooter: The person currently rolling, or “shooting,” the dice is known as the “Shooter.”
  • Come-Out Roll: The first roll of the dice in a round of Craps is referred to as the “Come-Out Roll.”
  • Point: In Craps, if a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten is rolled on the come-out roll, that number becomes the “Point.” The shooter then aims to roll the point again before rolling a seven.
  • Pass Line Bet: This is a bet that the shooter will win, often placed at the start of a round in Craps.
  • Don’t Pass Bet: Opposite to the Pass Line Bet, this is a bet that the shooter will lose.
  • Hard Way: In Craps, a bet placed on the shooter rolling a four, six, eight, or ten as pairs before rolling a seven or the same number in any other combination.

Winning Tips for Dice Games

  • Test the Waters with Free Games: Before diving into casino games, consider playing free versions to familiarise yourself with the game dynamics. This could help ensure a more enjoyable experience and prevent excessive losses.
  • Gentle is Better: Contrary to popular belief, a gentler dice roll usually yields better results than an aggressive throw. The key is precision, not power.


This comprehensive guide should leave you well-equipped to take on any dice game, from conventional classics to novel favourites. Remember, every dice game carries its unique set of rules, and understanding these will be integral to your success. Whether you’re playing for entertainment or hoping to hit the jackpot at the casino, mastering dice games starts with understanding the basics. Happy rolling!


What are some beginner-friendly dice games?

10,000 and Sagrada are two beginner-friendly dice games. They have simple rules and allow new players to understand the basics of dice games.

What is shooting dice?

Shooting dice, also known as street craps or street dice, is a popular dice game where players roll two dice against a wall. The player can place bets on the outcome of their roll.


How do you shoot dice?

To shoot dice, you need to aim and throw your dice towards a wall. Starting with basic techniques and familiarising yourself with the rules is crucial before attempting more complex manoeuvres.

How do you roll dice in games?

Rolling dice in games usually requires a sturdy, preferably flat surface. You should ensure you stay within the game’s prescribed boundaries if playing a board game that asks you to do that.

What are some tips for winning at dice games?

Playing free versions of the game before betting real money, and adopting a gentler roll rather than an aggressive throw, are two tips that could increase your chances of winning at dice games.

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