Author: Steve Ashwell
Last Updated: October 11, 2023

UK Gambling Shake-up: £2-£15 Stake Limits

UK Gambling Shake-up: £2-£15 Stake Limits

Rumours have recently reached our editorial team suggesting that the Cabinet is set to impose fresh constraints on gamblers, specifically by lowering the maximum stakes for online slot machines.

People under the age of 25 will face a cap of £2, while those in other age brackets will be permitted to wager up to £15.

Moreover, proposals are in the works to raise the tax rate for betting shops to 1% of profits. These additional funds will be directed towards research and treatment of gambling addiction on a voluntary basis.

It appears that the Premier League has been under constant pressure and has ultimately consented to remove gambling advertisements from players’ sponsored shirts.

These regulatory adjustments are causing growing unrest in the gambling industry, prompting players to increasingly turn to casinos not on Gamstop, which operate independently without a UKGC license, allowing them to carry on with their slots and betting activities. Players mostly nowadays prefer independent casinos, which do not impose the restrictions they face at British online casinos.

The government’s well-intentioned efforts also highlight numerous gaps in the system, which enable under-18s to access slot machines and scratch cards.

Though these proposed changes are still being deliberated, it is anticipated that following a consultation on the aforementioned issues, the new laws will be enacted and subsequently disrupt the UK gambling and betting industry once more.

These alterations are set to impact England, Scotland, and Wales specifically, while Northern Ireland is expected to encounter its own unique legislative measures, introducing new constraints on gambling within the region.

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