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Casino expert
Steve Ashwell

Hi, welcome to our website! Ok, my name is Steve Ashwell; I run these expert pages for UK gamblers. Here you find everything for A-quality pastime on the Best Non Gamstop Casinos.

I’m 35 years old British, and I work as a digital specialist. I spend a lot of time making things work. My job is partly about engineering and evaluation stuff. Also, I love gambling.

That’s why my team and I made that site. Here we collect all knowledge about that industry, our experience and our learnings.

Consultant in Sports Analytics and Research
Dr. Garry Gelade

Dr. Garry Gelade was a data scientist and consultant in sports analytics. He was an avid football follower and had been writing about various football topics for several years.

His main area of interest was the impact of new technologies on the game of football. He studied how big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality were changing, how we view the sport and how we could use them to help teams make better game decisions. Though Garry Gelade’s main specialty was football, he was always ready to analyze other sports and gambling options based on his decent football knowledge.

Sabrina Charre
Chief Editor
Sabrina Charre

Hi, I’m Sabrina and I handle article posting as well as proofreading and editing on this site. My duties also include content and making the site more comfortable for our readers. 

I’m the one who reviews all the suggestions and requests that come from you.

Jeff O'Connor
Jeff O'Connor

Jeff, a key member of our team, serves as a programmer responsible for managing both the front and backend of our website. He plays a crucial role in maintaining its seamless operation, and he contributes to enhancing the site’s quality and usability by developing and deploying new features.

Bryn Hammond

Bryn Hammond is an esteemed author with a fervent passion for gambling. Beyond his literary pursuits, he delves deep into the world of casinos, offering keen reviews on games and gambling establishments. Each analysis is enriched by his personal experience, making his perspectives both genuine and informed. Alongside gambling, Bryn holds a deep appreciation for music and a diverse range of literature. As he continues to merge his love for words with the thrill of the game, he has established himself as a trusted and sought-after voice in the gambling community.

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