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Last Updated: February 3rd, 2023
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How to get around Gamstop: 7 Ways

The gamstop exclusion system doesn’t let players back out or change their minds, so they have to wait for the self-exclusion period to end. The good news is that you can outsmart the gamstop scheme in several ways. You don’t have to wait months or years for your self-ban to finish before you can play again. You will be happy to know that several offshore or international gambling sites are without the UKGC license; check casinos not on Gamstop and play.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that all UKGC sites are in partnership with the self-exclusion program, meaning that you can’t access any UK-licensed gambling sites once you register with the scheme. Here are 7 safe and straightforward ways to bypass the Gamstop self-restriction scheme:

7 Best Ways to Get Around Gamstop

Getting around Gamstop and its exclusion system is easier than you may think. But because the UKGC doesn’t license a site, that doesn’t mean your experience has to suffer! If you’ve used UKGC-licensed sites before, you’ll find everything you liked about them on another, newer, and more exciting place.

There are 7 ways to bypass the GamStop system for UK gamblers. Selecting any of these methods takes a few minutes, and you return to the online gambling journey.

 Finish The Self-exclusion Period

The first option for players to get past GamStop is to be patient till the self-exclusion period is over. The self-exclusion scheme in Gamstop is available in three-time frames;

  • 6-months timeframe,
  • 1-year timeframe, and
  • 5-time frame

Once you create an account, you can’t change your mind until the period of exclusion is over. This is why many gamblers look for other ways to cancel Gamstop play. Once the timeframe is up, players can use all the sites they previously used, but you’ll have to ask Gamstop to take you off the list first. But before that, you should formally request to be removed from Gamstop. So keep checking how much time is left. Sometimes it’s worth the wait!

Use Another Person’s Account

If you want to keep betting at the top-rated UK casinos, you can make a new account using another person’s account. This is one of my least favorite ways to bypass gamstop self-exclusion. You can agree with a friend or partner to use their information instead of yours, register under a third-party name, and keep betting.

It is an option for getting past exclusion, but it’s dangerous, and we don’t advise players to use it. If you choose this option, remember to set clear rules between you and the person who gives you access to their account, like setting time and money limits ahead of time. Discussing these things first is the best way to keep your relationship from going wrong. Keep in mind, though, that casino sites in the UK won’t let you use someone else’s login information, even if you agree to it.

Share an Account With A Friend

Sharing an account with a friend is another way to get past gamstop self-exclusion. You could ask your friend if you both use the same account. Another good thing about this choice is that your friend could control gambling to stop them from becoming addicted.

You can play real money on casino games using an account that is non Gamstop. Gamstop is known to have problems, and having a friend who can watch over your competition is the best method to get around gamstop self-exclusion. There must be a mutual agreement between you and the account owner. Using an account without the owners’ consent or knowledge is not acceptable. 

 Use VPN To Get Around Gamstop

vpn avoiding gamstop

Using VPN is a new way of getting around Gamstop self-exclusion. It is essential to get an effective VPN to bypass many roadblocks. The VPN will hide your location and the IP address, making it look like they are in a different country or region. It keeps you safe on the internet.

UK gamblers can use VPN services to register on gambling websites irrespective of whether the sites accept UK players. This way, you can spoof your geolocation and access gamstop betting sites that block your country. Numerous non-UK licensed casinos become available immediately. And many of them let you gamble online through a VPN.

Play in Crypto Online-casinos

In recent years, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have gained popularity because more service providers allow players to do transactions. Most people who don’t want other people to know that they gamble will go to these UK online casinos.

Using cryptocurrency offers the perfect solution for players who want anonymity to avoid self-exclusion programs like GamStop. In reality, cryptocurrencies provide users with a lot of anonymity because they keep transaction records safely. All the benefits and features of UKGC casinos are available to them.

They can still play games, get bonuses, and do other things. But no evidence exists that a player ever put money into that casino site. All crypto transactions are recorded on a sequential, decentralized database where the buyer’s or seller’s identity doesn’t matter. Everything is taken care of with digital codes and verifications. Uk online gamblers can transact business with the casino site or sportsbook without disclosing personal information.

A player can only play games with a deposit. If you like to gamble without being seen, you should play at crypto casinos. You must give the gambling site a username for their account and access to a working crypto-wallet. It’s that simple. All of this makes playing casino games safer at the same time. Since you won’t share your information, there is no chance that someone will steal it. This is another big reason so many people only play at crypto casinos. Before making a deposit, it’s a good idea to make sure that withdrawals can be made anonymously, as it may not always be the case.

Get Around Self-Exclusion With No Verification Sites

To get around GamStop, you can play on websites that don’t require any verification processes. It is a stealth mode that is very appealing to many players nowadays. These gambling sites make it easy to register, deposit, play, and withdraw your funds anytime. You don’t have to send photos of your ID, check your phone number, or do anything else. For self-excluded gamblers, you can continue playing even while registered at the Gamstop self-exclusion program, and the system won’t show your name in the database.

When creating new accounts, not all betting sites require verifications. Most Uk betting sites need some authentication when it comes to withdrawing funds. To guard against fraud and money laundering, you should always read and check the fine print before signing up for a new service provider. It’s better to be ready than to get surprised by something!

Gamble On Offline Casinos

offline casinos avoiding gamstop

The UK Gambling Commission requires casinos to have a license from the UKGC to participate in Gamstop. It has been the law since 2020. Thankfully, casinos not on GamStop available in the UK exist. There are several offshore casino options out there offering extensive selections of games with high bonuses.

Therefore, gamblers have many attractive opportunities to play with real cash even after GamStop self-excluding. Some gamblers only want to join sites to win real money; playing offline offers them many rewards compared to playing at registered casinos. Not only does playing offline slot games allow them to play for long durations and as much as they want, but they also play without risking their money and having to stop when their accounts read zero balances.

Despite no real money wins, offline slots and casino games are still exciting and entertaining. You don’t need to be on a gamstop program to play at these online casinos. 

Play at non-Gamstop Casinos to Avoid Gamstop

Are online casinos on the gamstop scheme limiting because they can restrict some exclusive features? GamStop is easy to get around by making accounts at gambling sites that don’t use this program. With these casinos and bookmakers, you can skip the gamstop self-exclusion period and start playing immediately.

So, get started on online casinos, not on GamStop. Plenty of non-GamStop casinos offer you to wager across hundreds of online slots, tons of betting markets, and a full range of live casino games. Every casino on the non-Gamstop list is regularly vetted, allowing players to make better and more informed decisions when selecting the casino to join.

The casinos are fully regulated, trusted, mobile-friendly, and offer users quick payouts. Players can trust these casinos with sensitive data such as addresses or bank account information. The regulations mean that clients are safe and do not need to worry that the casinos might take advantage of them. You should check betting sites not listed on Gamstop and make easy bets – it allows you to play your favorite games at respected, safe, and award-winning gambling sites.

Consequences Of Getting Around Gamstop self-exclusion

All sites registered under UKGC use their license and must follow the rules and regulations. These regulations are mandatory to use under GamStop. GameStop imposes bans on online casinos for punters who get addicted to gambling. If you have a problem with gambling and want to spend less time at online casinos, the Gamstop scheme is a great option.

Seasoned gamblers should know their limits to access the games and events they enjoy. You should think about the benefits and drawbacks of using the voluntary service or taking steps to avoid Gamstop altogether.

Depending on how you play and how often you play, the scheme can be helpful or too restrictive. You might want to get past gamstop exclusion if you can control your gambling urges. If not, stay at Gamstop as long as you can.

Benefits Of Getting Around Gamstop

  • Access To New Sites
    All top UK casinos are registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. New casino websites are frequently developed too. As a result, all ot them are compliant with the Gamstop scheme.
  • Additional Income For Gamblers
    Using Gamstop to gamble can be helpful if you make money online. Some of the best casinos with high payout rates are non Gamstop. So, if you stop the plan, your income from gambling can go up.
  • Get Away From The UKGC Restrictions
    Even though the UKGC has been working hard to make betting safe, it has also had many problems. Players will no longer have to deal with limits on how much they can bet on complex and demanding wagering requirements. They will also no longer have to deal with not being able to use a credit card.
  • Best Service Provider
    Registration only takes a few minutes, and once you get an email confirming your registration on the casino sites, you will be blocked within 24 hours. You can sign up at any time and wherever you are located. 

The Gamstop program is excellent support if you have gambling issues and wish to spend less on online casinos. Depending on how you play and how often you play, the scheme can be helpful or too restrictive. If you think you can control your urges to gamble, you might want to get past Gamstop’s exclusion.

Drawbacks of Getting Around Gamstop

  • Not Licenced In UK
    The biggest problem with Gamstop is that players will play at casino sites outside the UK or non-Gamstop sites from the UK Gambling Commission. These sites have a license, but UKGC is the best option for UK players because it guarantees their safety.
  • Not Recommended For Gambles With Issues
    If you have lousy gambling habits, it is not recommended for you to play on Gamstop. It's unsafe, and you could get in trouble or worsen things.
  • Gamstop Has Few Operators
    Gamstop offers a limited range of reputable online casinos. Gamblers must look hard or use other means to get different alternatives and place their first bet. This number should go up any time soon.
  • Gamstop Is Not Responsible For Refunds
     If you accumulate a considerable amount in your deposits, you have to withdraw it before you block yourself from accessing the betting sites; if you don't, you'll have to go through a lot of trouble to get it back.

Players who know how to get around GamStop should also be aware of the downsides. These aren’t huge problems or issues, but you should know about them before you end your self-exclusion and start playing games again.


Gamstop doesn’t try to fix why people get hooked on gambling. Instead, it tries to solve the problems it causes. The real problem is a pathological need to gamble, which can’t be fixed by making it hard to get to casino websites.

This is not a knock on the program’s creators; from a technical point of view, they did their best. But in the modern world, if gamblers can’t use one site, they will go to another. Gamstop can be an essential first step for people who are mentally mature enough to live without gambling and are ready to stop being addicted to online gambling.


IconHow to quickly get around Gamstop self-exclusion?

The truth is that you can’t go back once you’ve signed up on Gamstop. So, it would help if you thought that you couldn’t play at a casino that is part of the Gamstop plan. You can look for non-Gamstop casinos and place your bets. Sometimes, you’ll have to look outside the UK for casinos.

IconCan I use VPN to bypass Gamstop?

VPN might not offer you access to bypass GamStop restrictions, but it does promote other perks for online gamblers. GamStop prevents you from using any gambling website for a selected period. VPN (Virtual Private Network) lets you access ” geo-blocked websites,” which means blocked due to your region. You can access offshore online gambling sites using VPNs.

IconDoes Gamstop prevent all gambling in the UK?

Simply put, Gamstop is a platform that allows you to self-exclude online casinos for a particular time. A gambling website will provide you with all the necessary personal information during that self-exclusion process. All gambling brands operating in the UK are required to support this service. Gamespot does not control non-Gamstop casinos.

IconHow long lasts Gamstop to play after it?

The minimum accepted period for the gamstop self-exclusion scheme is six months. Of course, you can choose the duration of your liking; 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. After the period elapses, You have to contact Gamstop to get the ban lifted after the time is up, as it doesn’t expire automatically. You can also set restrictions for certain websites.

IconCan I create a new account with false information to bypass Gamstop?

You can bypass Gamstop by creating an account with the details of some close to you. The person could be your spouse, close friend, or relative. The gambling platform won’t block you since the new account has no direct link to you. If you want to use this method, you should know that you may be breaking the website’s rules and could attract a penalty.

IconAre there any third-party payment methods you can use to bypass Gamstop?

To bypass Gamstop, you need to hide who you are on the platform, so you should use cryptocurrencies, Paysafecard, or any other anonymous banking method. Many self-banned players can still use UK-registered gambling sites before their ban ends.

IconWhat are the consequences of trying to bypass Gamstop?

Once you have signed up and finished the registration process, there is no easy way to bypass the GamStop self-exclusion period. Before returning to your gambling calendar, you must wait until the agreed-upon time has passed. You will have to use non-Gamstop casino sites to keep using gambling-related services.